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Spotlight on One Very Important Andropause Effect: Erectile Difficulties

Thanks to advances in medical science, men no longer need to suffer in silence with andropause-induced erectile difficulties. There are a number of pharmaceuticals available to promote erectile quality when a man is in the mood.

Synthetic HGH Injections

One of the most effective ways to combat andropause is by increasing the amount of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) in the body — and one way to accomplish this is through synthetic HGH injections.

Studies suggest that injections of synthetic HGH are very effective in reversing the physical signs of aging…

… But note that this procedure is extremely costly, with a year of injections coming in at between $10,000 and $30,000.

HGH Injections

And even if you are one of the lucky few who can afford to invest that much money annually on an andropause treatment, there are still other problems with this approach.

The injections can be painful, and the constant trips to the doctor are inconvenient. There’s also the risk of overdose with synthetic hormones (which can cause everything from headaches and fluid retention to gynecomastia).

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Can’t afford to spend $5,000+ annually on treatments?

You might choose to address issues of low libido and poor erection quality with a prescription remedy like Viagra.

Viagra® has an excellent track record in helping men suffering from erectile dysfunction to get and maintain an erection.

However, Viagra® works by increasing the amount of blood that flows to your penis, and does NOT address hormonal imbalances in any way. In addition, pharmaceuticals are not designed to to boost sexual mood. They work on erections, but don’t address libido.

So while you may get brief relief from basic sexual problems for as long as a single pharmaceutical pill might last (1-3 hours), it does nothing to address other effects of andropause, including the decrease in your sex drive.

And as with the hormone treatments, prescription drugs require a visit to the doctor, along with a prescription, and it can cost $20+ per pill.

Provacyl™ is an all-natural daily supplement, formulated with a series of herbals, amino acids, nutrients, and peptides that individually have been shown to kick-start your hormone production…

… Helping to bring your testosterone, HGH, DHEA, and estrogen levels back to a more youthful balance, for health benefits that you can both SEE and FEEL!

erection quality

Since it’s all natural, it requires NO doctors visits and NO prescription.

There are NO reported side effects to worry about.

Benefits of taking Provacyl™ daily can include increased sex drive, improved erection quality, weight loss, increased muscle, more energy, better memory, increased drive and concentration, and more!

Plus, don’t be surprised after 4-6 months of supplementation with Provacyl™, if you look and feel as much as 10-15 years YOUNGER!

And best of all, Provacyl™ is VERY affordable..

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