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Andropause Definition: Hint – It’s Male Menopause

Here’s your quick andropause definition. It’s male menopause – the decline in male sex hormones, including testosterone – that affects many guys as we get older. Hormone production tends to taper off at about 10% each decade after 30. That’s why andropause typically hits after 50.

With less than 80% – and often less than that – of the testosterone and growth hormone you had at 25, you don’t feel the same. Granted, andropause is not female menopause in that it’s not a complete shutdown of the reproductive system. But it’s not uncommon for a man 50+ to have HALF the male sex hormones of his twenties.

That helps you understand this next andropause definition: andropause is a slow descent that affects a man’s mental, physical and spiritual wellness through the journey of life. So what can he do about it? Have a seat and let’s chat.

The Official Andropause Definition

According to HealthLine, andropause is “age-related changes in male hormones”. Testosterone is likely the best-known of those androgens (male sex hormones) – it’s the male hormone that makes sperm, puts hair on your chest, builds muscles and makes you want to go out and make love to your partner.

In short, your male sex hormones make you a man. That’s why it sucks like nothing else when andropause hits. You may experience:

There’s your andropause definition.

If you really want to take things to the next level of creepy, andropause can even shrink your testes. It can also lead to hot flashes (yes, guys can get those too!). These are rare andropause symptoms, mind you – and not all guys will go through andropause in the first place.

Still, perhaps the best andropause definition is ‘manopause’. All guys are going to lose hormone production at some point, and while I’m not the Wizard of Oz and can’t magically say you’ll be fine, I can certainly point you in the right direction and suggest some steps you can take so andropause doesn’t hit you with the full brunt of its wrath.

7 Ways To Boost Your Testosterone

If you want to avoid andropause, you need to boost your testosterone. I’ve always recommended Provacyl anti-aging supplement for guys to do that because it’s a combined male libido pill and testosterone booster, but we’ll get to that later. Right now let’s talk about how to boost testosterone and your other male sex hormone naturally, with lifestyle changes to live long and prosper.

Hit the Weights

Exercise! Good for the body, good for the mind. It's also good for your testosterone levels – studies show that guys who lift regularly tend to have more of this manly hormone. Regular exercise in the obese seems to have even more influence on weight loss than diet. And, of course, you'll look like a champ.

Eat Protein, Fats and Carbs

We've all heard the shpiel that carbs lead to weight gain. There's some truth to that – BAD carbs put on the pounds. You need all three: protein for weight loss, carbs for energy and healthy fats for testosterone and overall health. Combine them for a balanced diet and you're in better shape to keep andropause at bay.

Reduce Stress and Cortisol Level

Some stress is inevitable. High levels of it, long-term, however, are bad news because they raise your cortisol levels. The latter is the so-called 'stress hormone' and works inversely with testosterone. When one is up, the other goes down. Your move? Several actually. Try to limit repeated stress if possible. Focus on getting enough sleep, eating a balanced diet, hit the gym, and laugh a little, bud!

Get Some Sun/Vitamin D

Here's a shocker: roughly half the United States is deficient in vitamin D, AKA the 'sunshine vitamin'. One study found supplementing with 3000IU of vitamin D for 12 months led to a 25% increase in testosterone. You may get the same benefits with regular exposure to the sun (albeit with sunscreen and a hat!). Or opt for vitamin D-rich foods like fish and dairy.

Try Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

This builds on what we just talked about. While some studies debunk use of multivitamins, specific vitamins and minerals may help. For example, one study found zinc and vitamin B supplements boosted sperm quality by 74%. Speak with your doctor about vitamin D and/or zinc supplements, as they're both linked to higher testosterone.

Sleep, Dude!

Diet and exercise can help you fight andropause. So can high-quality sleep, and while everyone is different, one study links 5 hours of rest per night to 15% less testosterone. Research suggests most people need between seven and ten hours of sleep each night. That's what you're aiming for.

Think About Provacyl Natural Andropause Supplement

I talked earlier about Provacyl. It’s a little different than your typical HGH releaser because, well, it’s not really an HGH releaser.

Provacyl is a combined HGH releaser and male libido pill. It’s designed to boost HGH AND testosterone because these two hormones work in lockstep together.

Your andropause definition is a decline in male sex hormones – with two of the most noticeable being growth hormone and testosterone. This needs a special touch for guys looking to get out of the andropause rut. Provacyl fills that role nicely, with natural ingredients, including zinc and vitamin D, that help with sex drive, lean muscle mass, energy and your mental well-being.


It’s a step in the right direction for guys who want to fight andropause, and reclaim the mental, physical and spiritual ground this rarely talked about condition tends to affect.